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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:53 pm

The given rules act all conference. In separate sections and forums of conference presence of own rules which specify is possible and detail rules of behaviour in them. Thus the given rules remain obligatory in any case. Rules are entered for creation of a comfortable and constructive atmosphere of dialogue. If you do not accept the established form of dialogue, refrain from participation in the given conference.

I. Registration of users.
Being registered at a forum, the user agrees to carry out the given Rules. For registration at a forum the user should give an operating e-mail address. We guarantee confidentiality of the specified information. The choice of a name of the user (nickname) is your exclusive right.
The administration reserves the right to itself to arrange to the termination of use nickname if its use breaks standard moral and ethical standards or is offensive for other users of a forum. Registration nickname, similar with already existing up to a degree which can lead into error other users of a forum is forbidden.
Names of users (nickname) such as are forbidden to registration: 000, 123, 123456789, etc., such as: ааа, bbb, pipip, etc. numerous registration by one user, without dependence from the purposes with which such registration is spent Is forbidden. The given infringement is the extremely serious and conducts to blocking all registration records.
If you do not show activity at a forum for a long time, your registration record can be removed.

II. The Order of behaviour at a forum.

Dialogue at a forum is under construction on principles of the standard morals and network etiquette. Use of obscene words is strictly forbidden, to abuse, offensive expressions, in independence of in what kind and to whom they have been addressed. Including at substitution of letters by symbols.
Categorically any advertising, including advertising the Internet-projects (except for cases of the preliminary coordination with administration) is forbidden. Your signature at a forum cannot be longer 2-ТХ than lines. To it, as the same demands are made to messages at a forum.

III. The Publication of messages.
The name of a theme should be informative, as much as possible precisely reflecting sense of a problem. Before creation of a new theme be convinced, that you create it in a forum of corresponding subjects, and also try to be convinced that the given question was not discussed earlier.
Creation of identical themes in different sections and a premise of identical messages on sense in different themes is forbidden. Try to not do grammatic mistakes in messages is will make negative impression about you.

IV. Attitudes between users and administration.
In the actions the administration of a forum is guided by common sense and internal rules of management of a forum.
Discussion of actions of administration (managers and moderators of a forum) categorically is forbidden in any forums and themes, except for the specialized forum intended for discussion of all aspects of work of a portal and all forum.

The administration reserves the right to itself to change rules with the subsequent notice on it users of a forum. All changes and innovations at a forum are made in view of opinions and interests of users.

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Forum Rules
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